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Updated 4/1/2020

What relief do I qualify for?

What options do I have?

How do I best maximize my relief?

What are the tax implications?

What do I do next?


If You Need Additional Assistance,


We Can Help.


While we are more than happy to do our best to assist you, and already know many of the intricacies to best aid you in maximizing financial relief in this time of crisis, please be aware that any information and assistance beyond what has been made available to you, our client, will fall under a separate engagement and will additional hours will be billed at our normal hourly rate.

Please know that this decision was not easily made as we want nothing but success for all of our clients and understand the financial hardship many of you are now facing.


We estimate spending 2 - 4 hours per client at our standard hourly rate. We cannot complete or execute the loan application directly (we cannot be your agent), but we can assist you with the Paycheck Protection Program process and your eventual loan application!


We will-

  • help determine your eligibility,

  • help put together your financial information,

  • answer questions you might have about the process, timing, forgiveness calculations, etc.


On the back-end we will also help with the forgiveness process (which will be a separate engagement). We have not a clue today of what that entails, and frankly it sounds miserable, but, we can help you get through it as well.

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