What is a 'Boutique CPA Firm'?

Is it really better for your business?


While there may be many business owners who will only want to continue to work with the ‘big boys’ of the business accounting arena, others should consider the ‘boutique’ business accountants.


If you are a small business, with an annual turnover of $1M-$18M, then there are a few reasons why you should be looking to a boutique CPA firm for your business accounting and business advisory needs.


Boutique business CPA's are proving to be more creative and personal.

We are more empathetic and understanding of the challenges you will face, and can better provide you will solutions that will drive your business forward.

Boutique accounting firms are smaller accounting firms tend to focus on a highly-specific area of accounting; providing world-class customer service to a range of middle market clients.  


We understand that you cannot be ‘all things to all people’ and that it is better to service a selected group of clients that share the same issues and concerns.

Boutique accounting firms don't template their services.


We have much more latitude than the big accounting firms, to develop business programs and strategies that are more individualistic and holistic in their approach.

The larger the business accounting firm, the more they struggle to deliver a personalized, individualistic strategy and the more inclined they are to take a very template approach to their smaller business clients. Large organisations, due to constant turnover of personnel and their need to be productive and efficient, need to take a very ‘streamlined’ approach rather than a very creative and individualistic approach.

A boutique business accounting firm will usually be able to offer a very individualistic strategy for your business.


A boutique accounting firm is will be committed to be looking after you personally by maintaining a low client-to-accountant ratio.


What makes us different is that we tend to limit our clients to those that align with our specialty and philosophy. By vetting clients, much like a doorman at an exclusive hotel, you’re guaranteed a more high-end personal experience with a CPA that really cares about your business. 


Compare this to the partners in the more traditional firms which often have 300+ clients each meaning it’s near impossible for them to spend more than a few measly hours on your business each year. When working with a ‘big name’ firm your work is often handled by interns and the partners hardly ever give you any attention.


By choosing a boutique firm you’ll usually engage directly with one of the partners and have access to their wealth of experience and knowledge.


You definitely won’t find a boutique accounting firm sending your work off to be done in India or throwing it to the bottom of the firm to be done by an accountant still wearing learner plates. 


You need to know and understand what is going on in your business' finances.


Accountants can make mistakes. By understanding what is going on in your business' books, you'll not only be in a better position to manage your business but you'll also have a better chance of spotting mistakes in your financial statements should your accountant slip up. It's important to remember that, even if you outsource your accounting, you are still ultimately responsible for the accuracy thereof.